Open positions

Principal Investigator

me2Dr. Alex Zakhidov


PhD in Physics from Moscow State University (2006)

Research Interests: Organic Optoelectronics, Hybrid Perovskites, Orthogonal Lithography.


 Post-Doctoral Researchers

Chris ManspeakerChris Manspeaker


MBA, Thunderbird (2007) M.S. in Chemical Engineering, Univ. of Arizona (2002)

Research interests: Perovskite solar cells efficiency and stability.  Slot-die coating deposition.



Ph.D Students


Mehedhi Hasan


MS and BS in Applied Physics Electronics and Communication Engineering, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Research Interest:
– Organic Electronic Devices, Multijunction Solar Cell
– VLSI Design
– Nanofabrication


EricWelchEric Welch


MS in Physics (2014) Texas State University
BS in Criminal Justice (2010) Sam Houston State University  BS in Physics (2014) Texas State University

Research interests: Theoretical AMO and solid state physics.Modeling phase transitions in strongly correlated systems, exotic phases in disordered bosonic systems, DFT calculations of organohalide lead perovskites and polaron modeling.

Master’s students


Kevin Lyon

Physics major at Texas State University

BS in Physics (2015) Texas State University

Research interest: Hole transport layer optimization for high-efficiency perovksite solar cells.




garrett2Garrett Merrion

Physics major at Texas State University

Research interest:  Transparent flexible OLED displays .



Undergraduate students

Zachary A. Rangel

Honors College, Physics minor at Texas State University

Research interest: Organic thin film transistors.




Dr. Swaminathan Venkatesan
Dr. Dmitry Lyashenko

Joseph A. Sadler
Ben Brooks
Jonathan Preiss
Aureliano Perez
Rony Saha
Marco Aurelio Andarcia Calderon

Garrett Merrion
Colin D. Donnelly
Eric M. Neier
Nader R. Rady
Patrick Scruggs
Jeremy R Gonzales